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Pastor’s Blog

153. How I Write Pastor Blog

Last week I shared about my prayer life, to reveal part of my life as a pastor. In continuation, I would like to share how I write my weekly pastor blog. I wrote my very first pastor blog on 2013 Jan 6th. Since then, I have written one blog post almost every week for over six years. Based on my record, I have written 318 blog posts. It may not sound a lot, but it actually is, considering how much…

152. How I Pray

I briefly shared how I pray as I was preaching a sermon about “prayer” last Sunday. So I would like to share a bit more in detail how I pray. To be honest, I have a long way to go in my prayer life and want it to be much better than now. But the reason why I’m sharing is to be more transparent about my life as a pastor. I pray at church from 6:30-8:00 am on weekdays except…

151. Prepare Your Sharing

I found out that many members started writing down what they are going to share in house church before they come. I think this is an excellent practice which I also have started implementing. Though this is not a rule at all here are two reasons why I believe this is a good practice for all of us. 1. It makes our sharing concise. As we all know, we tend to ramble when our thoughts are not organized. And what…

150. TFE Starting Soon

As announced before, Anthony Cho will begin his TFE (Theological Field Education), starting from next Sunday and ending on the next year April. TFE is an internship program of Knox College that provides field ministry training to the seminary students. I will be his supervisor for this term since he requested to be placed in our church. Many of you are already familiar with this program because Rosalyn did TFE not too long ago at our church. It is a…

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