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Pastor’s Blog

149. No More Saying “Single” House Church

In our official communication channels, such as bulletin or website, we don’t introduce house church as being divided into single house church and married couple house church. However, in our conversations, I’ve often noticed people saying “single house church,” and I have unintentionally used it as well. So, I would like to ask everyone to avoid using the term “single house church” from now on. Instead, all house churches will be called based on their house church name. Here are…

148. Youth Shepherd Appreciation

As of next Sunday, current youth shepherds’ three-year serving term comes to an end. It is usually the first pioneering group that serves and sacrifices the most and not surprisingly, their service for the last three years has been nothing but exceptional. When I first started youth ministry with Jennifer, we felt we had very little support. Ministry can be pretty tough to do with one or two people. Then four single adults from KSC volunteered to serve as youth…

147. Youth Shepherds Wanted

Application for youth shepherd is now open because new three years-term for youth shepherd will begin in September. Youth House Church started with a simple conviction that youth need the presence of an adult (whom they want to follow) and small community (where they are known by name) to mature and grow in their faith. Thanks to faithful service of current youth shepherds, youth house church ministry has expanded and produced much fruit. Many youths find Youth House Church as…

146. Membership Policy

As many of you already know, we strongly discourage already-Christians from joining our church. We even put a statement in the bulletin, encouraging already Christians to serve other churches. However, turning away people who want to become a member is a loss for the church. We can only do that when we believe there is something more important than a bigger budget or attendance. The reason why we have this policy is two-fold. First, we want to focus on reaching…

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