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160. Do More To Become Excellent

Slump is real. When jobs, school, or ministry gets tiring, and people find themselves unmotivated, they often assume “doing more” is the problem. So, the first thing they consider is quitting or “doing less.” It is undeniable that “overwork” is real. But if we think carefully, what gives us energy is not “less work” but “doing it well.” In other words, it is “mediocrity” that de-motivates us, not “challenges.” Ironically, excellence inspires us by asking us to do more, not…

159. Join Facility Team

We are creating “Facility Team.” Its main ministry will be cleaning the fellowship and service area. For those who are not aware, since we are the last group to use school building on Sunday, the school is very sensitive to the level of our cleaning because this is what their students will see on Monday. I believe it is our responsibility to be known for our excellence, not just inside the church but also outside as well. We strive not…

158. Is Evangelism Wrong?

Barna Group recently released a 2019 survey about how practicing Christian millennials think about “evangelism.” (sharing one’s faith to another) Though more than 90% of them believe evangelism is an important part of following Jesus and their friends coming to know Jesus would be the best thing they hope to see, almost 50% of them think evangelism is intrusive and even wrong. However, in light of our “emotion-prioritizing” culture today, this is not too surprising. But the main reason why…

157. House Church Video Project

As most of you know, we do house church ministry. House Church ministry started from Houston Seoul Church. Their English Speaking Congregation (ESC) is called “New Life Fellowship” (NLF) and they have also faithfully built house church ministry for more than 20 years. Starting with 20 adult members, now they grew to a congregation of roughly 400-500 members with diverse ethnic groups. They have been holding house church seminars for both pastors and lay leaders, and all our shepherds have…

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