Join Youth House Church

Join Youth House Church

What is Youth House Church? (YHC)

In order for teenage students to grow and thrive in their faith, we believe they need a “role model” to follow and a “circle” they feel belong. That is why we encourage all students to find their “circle” in Youth House Church (YHC), lead by “youth shepherd”.

Who is Youth Shepherd?

Youth Shepherd is a mature adult (college and above) who can demonstrate what it means to live out your faith in a real world but at the same time is willing to be transparent about their struggles as well. This is why Youth House Church is that place where you can also be open about your doubts, struggles, and problems, without feeling judged. This circle will keep you grounded in your faith and also protect you when you are in need of prayer and support.

Youth House Church Meetings

All youth house churches meet every Sunday after service for 40 minutes but once every month, they also meet at one of the member’s homes for deeper sharing and more fun. Students are encouraged to invite their VIP friends to these meetings and serve and love them into following Jesus. Each YHC also supports a missionary to stay aware of God’s mission across the world.

So if you are new students, please join one of our youth house churches – soon you will find your spiritual home!