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View when we offer GPS (Gospel Presentation Session), NFC (New Family Class), Communion, Outdoor service and more.

November 2023

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Sunday Service

Join us for Sunday service. Worship God together, feel his loving presence in community, and hear God’s precious word for you. Service starts at 12:30 and lasts about 70 minutes.

Gospel Presentation Session (GPS)

Not sure how to become a Christian? Not sure where you are in your faith? This is the perfect opportunity to hear the Gospel clearly, in a comfortable and conversational setting.

New Family Class

Don’t let the word “class” fool you! This is a conversational session designed to help you to make an informed membership decision by clearly presenting you our church’s vision and strategy for mission.

Ministry Signup

It’s time to join the mission! The more we are involved in serving others with our God-given gifts, the more we will uncover our God given potential. Best of all, when we live for a purpose greater than ourselves, our life feels truly rewarding and joyful. It’s time to find your team!


Join us for communion this Sunday. Communion is an act of remembrance commanded by Jesus on the night before he was betrayed. The bread and wine represent the body and blood, that was laid down for our salvation. Baptized members may participate in the communion. We simply ask for those who are not to remain in their seats. This is not to exclude, but simply because it will not be meaningful to you.