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2016 The Seed Youth Winter Retreat

Thank you  everyone for showing up, and special thanks to all staff who made it happen! It was awesome 3 days of playing, worshipping and prayer! Choose Purity!            

18. Ministry is a privilege

From year 2017 onward, all “youth ministry” serving opportunities (youth retreat staff, youth staff, youth shepherds) will be limited to baptized “members”, who have completed membership class. I’ve already communicated multiple times through pastor blog, encouraging adults (18+) to come to membership class, so this is not a sudden change but rather a natural transition. There are a few reasons for this change. First, members are those who understand why our church exists. Serving without understanding the mission of an…

9. New Bible Study courses for Youth

One of the main focuses of Intergenerational Ministry is helping youth to discover authentic faith for themselves and build good spiritual habits to grow in their faith even into their adulthood. In order for that to happen, first of all, youth need to have an adult role model and a small group of community they feel belong. Secondly, youth need “systematic teachings” of wise and timeless principles to make better choices for their lives, to prevent regrets, unneccesary consequences and…

2015 Youth Winter Retreat

Thanks all staff and students for a wonderful, memorable and impactful winter retreat! Don’t forget, “Circle” is where you belong, keep on making emotional deposits, move from forgiven people to forgiving people, and look outside the circle!