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'starting point' Tagged Posts

Starting Point (2) Testimony – Joseph Yeo

https://theseed-media.s3.amazonaws.com/Testimonies/2017-1217_Testimony_Starting-Point_JosephYeo.mp3 Hi! To sum up my Christian background, I was born into a Christian family and always had a heart to serve and love God. As I began to get older however, I began to question why my love for Him was so apparent. I eventually reached a plateau of growth in my relationship with God and for the majority of my middle to high school years, I always wondered how I could somehow jumpstart this unwavering faith I once…

Starting Point (2) Testimony – Joey Yoo

https://theseed-media.s3.amazonaws.com/Testimonies/2017-1210_Testimony_Starting-Point_JoeyYoo.m4a Hey guys, so I’m here to share my testimony about my 8-week starting point journey but before I do anything else I would like to thank pastor Caleb for opening up the opportunity for me to partake in this amazing session. So, Just a brief touch up on who I am as a Christian. I’m not your stereotypical Christian boy who goes to church because he’s so devoted and he wants to be so involved with the community. I’m…

Starting Point (2) Completion

Congratulations to Esther Ahn, Joey Yoo, Joseph Yeo, Gun Lee, Lois Yoo and Rachel Kim for successfully completing the Starting Point! May you continue to grow into a mature follower of Jesus!

Starting Point (1) Testimony – Daniel Kim

http://theseed-media.s3.amazonaws.com/Testimonies/2017-0108_Starting%20Point%20Testimony%20-%20Daniel%20Kim.m4a Throughout my life, I’ve attended a total of two different churches, both of which offered a Sunday School program, dedicated to the kids who were dragged to church by their parents. At some point in my early childhood, I think I adopted the idea that worshipping God, and dancing for Him was a good deed, and that God would reward me for it someday. Also, I think I just found everything I did at Sunday School as a toddler…