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91. Organizing Retreat

We have summer retreat every year. It all started off as youth summer retreat but as we became intergenerational and having more adults and VIPs attending, the nature of this retreat also changed. So the summer retreat has become a very important church-wide event that requires clear vision and teams to make it effective in bringing spiritual revival and promoting genuine fellowship among members. We normally recruited retreat staff through voluntary sign-ups. It provided good opportunities for various people to…

2016 The Seed Youth Winter Retreat

Thank you  everyone for showing up, and special thanks to all staff who made it happen! It was awesome 3 days of playing, worshipping and prayer! Choose Purity!            

7. Welcoming Church

We just finished our annual summer retreat. Many members have told me that it was such a great experience. In fact, many things went really well. Some said the message spoke to them very strongly on a personal level, and others said group sharing was deep and meaningful. Personally, what impressed me was that all program ran so smoothly. Program team has really delegated the work well and it was very nice to see a good team work on display…

2. Why do we have summer retreat?

Our summer retreat has been the highlight event for many students for the past 7 years. In our first summer retreat, 4 students came. But since then, we’ve consitently had around 40 participants each year. I’m glad many people have experienced God and grew spiritually through those retreats. But things will change a bit. We have passively allowed people from different church to attend our retreat in the past but that will stop starting from this year. The reason is…

2015 Youth Winter Retreat

Thanks all staff and students for a wonderful, memorable and impactful winter retreat! Don’t forget, “Circle” is where you belong, keep on making emotional deposits, move from forgiven people to forgiving people, and look outside the circle!