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New Life Testimony – Paul Yoo

Hey guys, today I’ll be giving my testimony on New Life and sharing why I took this class, the experiences before and after I took this bible study. My initial decision to take this class was to provide myself more exposure to God outside of just church life. The purpose behind the decision was to provide understanding and commitment to not a religion, but a relationship. I was struggling greatly with identifying what having close friends really meant after my…

New Life (2) Completion

Congratulations to Jessica Sung, Paul Yoo and Sarah Cho on successfully completing the New Life! May you continue to grow into a mature follower of Jesus!

New Life Testimony – Anthony Cho

I think our lives as children would have been so much easier if our parents did just this one thing. When I was little I always thought, if Mom and Dad could just do this one thing, I’d listen to whatever they say. If they could just explain WHY every time they told us to do or not to do something, it didn’t even have to be a good reason, I’d be satisfied.

New Life (1) Completion

Congratulations to Anthony, Esther, Grace, Irin, Jeesu, Joy and Terry  for successfully completing the New Life! May you continue to grow into a mature follower of Jesus!