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Graduation Testimony – Byoungchan Sohn

Hi, I’m Chan. I grew up in a Christian family so I’ve been going to church my whole life (sometimes not by my own will). My family went to many churches as we moved around, and church became a routine wherever I went. That changed when I came to the seed, or exit, as it was known then. The first retreat was really hyped up by my noonas and hyungs as this spiritual and life changing experience, so I went…

2017 Graduation Testimony – Joyce Kwack

https://theseed-media.s3.amazonaws.com/Testimonies/2017-0820_Testimony_Graduation_JoyceKwack.m4a Ive been a part of The Seed for six years now and during this time I saw many people come and go and the ways that our ministry changed. It’s been a long journey but here I am today, already graduating. It feels like yesterday when I was the youngest member always being taken care of by members who were older than me. I remember feeling nervous and being reserved. I only talked to the few friends that I…

2016 Graduation

Congratulations to all graduating students! May God bless your new journey ahead!