Your YHC has found $1000 and decided to invest together in some stocks. Using the information given please choose which stock to buy! You’re trying to get the best stock that will give you the best return in 5 years. You can only choose one!

Da Zeed Inc
A startup company that has been growing slowly since 2019. Their sales have gone up steadily by 4% each year and their business model is selling thermal underwear, so it’s always useful in Canada.

Duhsid Co.
A computer company that branched off of Lenovo in 1998 and currently supplies over 30 major retailers worldwide with generic computer products. Sales have dropped in the last 7 years, and they hit their record low in 2020. But with a new research and development team, the company plans to increase their profit margins by 200% if things go well.

Thus E. E. D. Labs
A chemical manufactory that specializes in chemicals that help grow hair. Currently they are understaffed and underfunded but are working on a new chemical that may help skin moisture retention. They have filed for bankruptcy two times in the past, and have shifted through CEOs many times.

Daseed Limited
A company and makes mugs. They are a small business that handcrafts mugs for other small businesses like cafes.