Sermon Series


We forget that Jesus never asked anyone to become a Christian:He asked them to “follow” him. What if I told you our dissatisfaction in life doesn’t come from lack of things, rough life condition, or not-so-great family but from not following him?What if we start caring more about “following” than “believing”? We would have a different, and better story to tell. 1. Better than Christian2. Better than Doubt3. Better than More4. Better than Big

How to Feel Powerful

Series Overview We go through helpless situations in life, in our family, work, school, and relationships. Not knowing why they happen, when they will end, and what we should do can make even the most optimistic ones feel powerless. However, there is a way to feel powerful even through such seasons. The answer begins from knowing “what” to control… Part 1 Control Who Part 2 Know Why Part 3 Trust When Part 4 Ask What

Do Faith

Series overview Have you wondered what faith really is?Have you ever thought faith is illogical? Well, you are not alone.Faith can be confusing as it is often misunderstood in a doubting world. But it doesn’t have to be.Faith can make sense and it has potential to change you, and those around you.If, you will “do” something about it. Part 01 Increase?Myth of “more” faith Part 02 Starve or ThriveDecisions that make faith starve or thrive Part 03 Feel your way…