Have you tried to live right? I mean, we all do. We want to be a good friend, spouse, family member, church member, and a citizen.
We believe that as long as we do our best to live right, things will be right.
But we often find things that are “not right”.
In fact, in our pursuit of “living right”, we end up trying to “prove ourselves right”.
As we all know, when we are right, someone is wrong. And no one wants to be wrong.
Relationships go sour, conflicts increase, and tensions remain.

But the good news is that there is a way to “live right” without “being right”.
Apostles Paul shares the secret in his writing, the book of Romans.
The Gospel Paul presents reveals the secret of living right without being right.

1. The Righteous will live by Faith
2. Claiming to be wise, they became Fools
3. When you Judge Others
4. The righteousness of God is through faith
5. Faith was credited to Abraham for righteousness
6. We have peace with God
7. Through one man
8. Dead to Sin, Alive to God
9. Slaves to Righteousness
10. Married to another man
11. No Condemnation
12. No Fear
13. No Worries
14. No Separation
15. It’s not Fair
16. Zeal
17. Near You
18. Israel
19. Be Transformed
20. Different Gifts
21. Conquer Evil
22. Authority
23. Judge
24. Please
25. Gentiles
26. Needs
27. Greet
28. Watch Out