The Seed Reopening Guide

The Seed Reopening Guide

We will be re-opening our onsite service on July 5.

Online Live stream service will continually be provided along with onsite service.
Pastor Caleb explains why we are reopening on July and who should come
in — take a listen!

Sunday Service Reopening Progression

We are making our members safety our top priority in reopening.
To be clear, we are not pressuring members to come, but permitting them, as we believe there are members who desperately long for physical gathering of church service for their faith and spiritual health.

We are reopening in different stages so it is gradual and ensure proper safety measures are in place.

  1. 7/5 Sunday: Open to Shepherds and Team Leaders only. (To get a sense of what is needed, and spot potential challenges ahead for adult house church members)
  2. 7/12 Sunday: Open to all adult house church members and “Touch-less” service will be provided. (Explained below)
  3. Attendance number is limited to 30 people, on a registration basis (Require completing a “Onsite Service Registration Form” with screening questions).
  4. When students are able to go back to school, we move to LEVEL 1 (WATCH phase) and all youth and children are permitted to attend.

Touch-Less” Service Procedure

We will provide Touch-less service for our congregation. In Touch-less service, service participants don’t have to touch anything from entering to exiting.

  1. Church doors are opened by greeters so that no touching is necessary.
  2. All congregants will be ushered into seats that are properly distanced.
  3. All information is provided through Online Bulletin and screen.
  4. Giving will remain Online-Only for the time being.
  5. Exit immediately after service.

Areas Off-limit on Sunday

  1. Cafeteria and kitchen
  2. Classrooms
  3. Men and Women’s washroom (Only Staff Washroom allowed)
  4. Water Fountain

Safety Measures

  • All participants wear mask. (no physical touching)
  • All service preparation volunteers will wear gloves during preparation and cleaning up.
  • Temperature will be checked for all participants upon entry
  • List of attendance will be kept every week, ready to be shared if requested.
  • All door knobs, chairs, equipments will be sanitized before and after use.
  • Sanitizer provided in multiple locations.

People who are encouraged to worship online

  • Children, Youth and Seniors
  • Those who have recently travelled in the last 2 weeks.
  • Those who have health concerns or living with family members who do.