2023 Members’ Retreat – Breakthrough

2023 Members’ Retreat – Breakthrough

Hey Seed! We invite you to join us for this year’s members’ retreat. This year we’re welcoming back Pastor Doug Easterday (old Exi-t members, are you excited?!) to speak on the Father Heart of God. We hope it will be a time of experiencing the breakthrough that comes when we lay down our own efforts and place our faith in God the Father who has already redeemed us through his Son. Please check out some more details and register for the retreat below!

Location: Fair Havens Ministries

Dates: Friday, June 9 – Sunday June 11

Fee: $150

Most beds at this retreat centre are double beds. We know that not everyone is comfortable sharing a double with another person, so we calculated the costs with this in mind. If you would rather share the bed and get a discount, please choose the discounted option for $110 in registration 🙂

Who: For all registered members of The Seed

Much of our activities here at The Seed are open to visitors and house church VIPs, but we wanted to take this time to specifically focus on uniting, encouraging and strengthening our members through the word! If you are not yet a registered member of The Seed, but are planning to become one and want to register for the retreat, please contact our host team leader Joy!

Some special things to look forward to!
  • Pastor Doug’s Prophetic Ministry – Pastor Doug has a gift of prophecy. He uses this to pray over people and encourage them with God’s message for them. This would happen in a private setting with you, himself and Pastor Caleb present. Don’t let the word “prophecy” intimidate you — this is not a place where you will hear something terrible about to happen in your future. It is a time of encouragement!
  • Pastor Anthony’s seminar on budgeting! From Anthony — “We all know we need a budget, but we feel like once we start our life will suck. So we avoid it, right? In this seminar we’ll address why budgeting is important, four guiding principles for budgeting, and practical methods for budgeting. And I promise your life won’t suck afterwards.”
  • Joy’s seminar on the Enneagram. From Joy —“In this seminar, we’ll learn about the an ancient personality typing tool called the Enneagram and how it can help us grow more compassionate of ourselves and others, and more in love with our God! If you know about the Enneagram already, that’s awesome! We’ll have a much richer discussion. If you don’t, no worries! Feel free to just join and learn!”