Take Life Series

Take Life Series

What is Life Series?

Life Series are systematic bible studies that are designed to help members of The Seed to grow and mature in their journey of faith. You will learn very practical ways to apply in your “life” to become a more happy and faithful follower of Jesus Christ.

Why take Life Series?

Following Jesus is more than a one-time decision. It takes purposeful steps to follow him in our daily thinking and lifestyle. To help you do that, we offer 5 essential Life Series, along with several recommendedlifeclasses. Each life class targets different audience and is designed to focus on different aspects of Christian faith.

What are the essential Life Series?

The essential life series are required classes for a person to become a Shepherd, who leads a house church. We believe serving as a shepherd is the crucial component of following Jesus. Our main strategy of making disciples is to equip as many people to serve as shepherds eventually.

  • Living Life: Helps non-Christians, skeptics or new Christians to gain clarity about Christianity, build a solid foundation in a Christian faith and establish a healthy relationship with God. (13 Weeks)
  • Growing Life: 1-to-1 mentorship class that gives new believers practical steps to take to experience a thriving Christian life. (6 Weeks)
  • New Life: Helps already Christians to build a Biblical worldview and understand their clear roles in house church. (13 Weeks)
  • Transforming Life: Provides an opportunity to practice spiritual disciplines and experience inner healing through sharing in a small group setting. (13 Weeks)
  • Experiencing God Life: Helps shepherds to experience God in their daily life, equipping them to serve God with a clear calling. (13 Weeks)

What are the recommended life series?

  • Couple’s Life: Help a couple to remove unrealistic expectations about marriage. Learn what realistic, and practical marriage life is, grounded in biblical principles. (6 weeks)
  • Parent’s Life: Learn to understand one’s teenage children and how to love and discipline them according to God’s wisdom, setting them up for successful adulthood. (10 weeks)
  • Word Life: In-depth Bible study that covers the entire Bible that helps one to gain a broader understanding of God’s word. (Will be offered in the future – 13 weeks)

*All the recommended courses (except Couple’s life) can only be taken at least when the Living Life is completed.*Couple’s Life is required if anyone wants Pastor Caleb to officiate his/her wedding.