House Church Model

House Church Model

Click the video below to watch the presentation on 3 Axis and 4 Pillars of House Church ministry (Credit to Pastor Dan Eum).

Essentially, House Church is:

1. The purpose of the House Church is to recover vitality of the first century church’s faith community.

2. The House Church overcomes the limitations of a passive religious church life that only focuses on worship formation and Bible study based discipleship. The House Church is geared towards witnessing to unbelievers and in so doing, fulfilling the church’s original purpose of “saving the lost and making disciples of Jesus Christ”.

3. The House Church accomplishes this by helping unbelievers to accept Jesus as their LORD and Savior and by inviting unbelievers to be true disciples through servant hood.

4. The House Church is led by a layman who acts as a shepherd and carries out many of the responsibilities of a full time pastor. The House Church is composed of 6 to 12 members who meet together on a weekly basis at member’s home. It is a faith community which engages in the Christian acts of worship, education, fellowship, witnessing and mission.

5. The House Church model divides the tasks of the local church in accordance with biblical principals (Ephesians 4:11~12) The model ordains a head pastor as an overseer of the whole faith community. The head pastor focuses on preaching, praying and training laymen to carry out the tasks or witnessing, visitation, and counseling. The laymen carry out these House Church tasks along with other church ministry activities in the church. The goal is to build an effective faith community.

6. The layman gains understanding and becomes a partner with the head pastor by experiencing the pastor’s tasks through the successes and the adversities of serving the House Church members.

7. By sharing honest prayer requests and by experiencing the grace of answered prayers, the House Church members experience the living God and live transformed lives. The House Church calls for and provides an environment to nurture members as they learn to practice scripturally based living and in so doing members become true Disciples of Christ.

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