What is House Church?

What is House Church?

House Church

House Church is a movement that seeks to restore the early church of the New Testament, which was most church-like in history. The fellowship comprises both believers and non-believers who come together as a family, expressing gratitude to God’s love and striving to live according to the Scriptures. It is a small church, functioning as a family community.

Why House Church?

Why don’t we see the same history of love and dramatic work of the Holy Spirit that existed in the early church happening in today’s churches?

We believe that the reason for this absence is deeply related to the house church. Unlike modern churches where many people gather in church buildings to worship and then disperse, in the New Testament era, there were small-scale house churches centered around lay believers. These house churches gathered in each other’s homes for worship, shared life like family, and prayed together in intimacy, which constituted their history.

Believing in God is an exciting thing, but many people cannot readily open the doors to the church due to misunderstandings about God. Even if they attend church, a passive faith life revolving around Bible study or sermons does not truly represent what it means to be a disciple of Jesus.

House churches overcome these limitations. House church is a family community, small church where believers and non-believers come together to give thanks for God’s love and strive to practice it, in the present fragmented society.

Why joining House Church important?

One of the most important steps you could make in your faith journey is to belong to a small group of a community who cares about you and whom you can do life together. For our church, that community is “House Church”.

All house churches meet every week because we believe house church is not just a “small group” or “cell group” (subsidiary to the main church) but actually a “Church”. That’s why without house churches, our church would not exist.

Most importantly, House Church is the main body of evangelism and mission for our church. For this reason, faithful attendance in house church is prerequisite for becoming a member.

So if you are not a Christian and looking for a place to belong, please join one of our house churches – soon you will find your spiritual home!

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