Become a Christian

Become a Christian

How do you become a Christian?

We realized that many non-Christians who want to become a Christian have many unanswered questions:

  • “Do I become a Christian if I attend church long enough?”
  • “I have started reading the bible. Is that enough to qualify myself as a Christian?”
  • “What do I actually have to do to become a Christian?”

To answer these questions, we offer “GPS“.

What is GPS?

GPS stands for Gospel Presentation Session. Many people who want to become a Christian are not sure how to become one.

Some people who’ve been to church a few times wonder where they stand in their relationship with God.

Just as the name says, GPS clearly identifies where you are in your relationship with God and help you to navigate important questions you had about God, Heaven, Jesus and Salvation.

What happens in GPS?

During GPS, Gospel (which literally means ”Good News“) is clearly communicated and presented through answering a few important questions non-Christians have. There will be a time when you can make your decision to follow Jesus and become a child of God. However, making such decision is totally up to you.

When does it happen?

It is held every 4th Sunday of the month and duration is approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes. Come and join us!

How do I register?

Click the link below to register for GPS.