2020 Ski Trip

Thanks to everyone who came out to our 2020 Ski Trip! We had an awesome time of skiing and snowboarding, playing board games and pigging out in the chalet. And what a blessing it was to have four VIP guests along with us for the night 🙂 Hope to see you all again next year!

2020 Unity Joint Youth Retreat

Unity in Christ The Seed joined other churches in the KPCA for a joint youth retreat at Muskoka Woods. It was blessed time to learn about Christian Unity and how the Gospel message of Jesus unites us. Kudos to our youth and youth shepherds for trying something new!

Mission testimony – Esther Sung

Hi, my name is Esther and I’m here to share what God has shown me through Nicaragua mission trip. One of my personal prayer requests for this trip was to experience God’s character that I didn’t fully know. I knew that he is faithful and able, but I don’t think I really experienced it fully. But through this trip I experienced God’s mightiness and his faithfulness. My biggest worry before leaving to Nicaragua was that our team wasn’t prepared. So,…

Outreach Testimony (Urban Promise) – Joyce Kwack

Hi everyone. So when I heard about the Urban Promise local outreach, I didn’t really think much about it and agreed to it because truthfully, I didn’t have an excuse not to go. Nonetheless, I was excited for the experience. I had already been on a mission before to Nicaragua so I thought a local outreach would be a piece of cake in comparison. I also didn’t stress at all during the process because we were told that we would…