New Family Class (18)

Congratulations to Joseph Yeo on successfully completing the New Family Class (NFC) ! May God empower you to serve Jesus and his church with joy and passion!

2020 Unity Joint Youth Retreat

Unity in Christ The Seed joined other churches in the KPCA for a joint youth retreat at Muskoka Woods. It was blessed time to learn about Christian Unity and how the Gospel message of Jesus unites us. Kudos to our youth and youth shepherds for trying something new!

Confirmation Testimony – Lois Yoo

Hello, I’m Lois. I’m up here today to share how I learned to trust God and become knowledgeable of his love for me. I think it is pretty important to mention that I was born and raised in a Christian family, so attending church on a weekly basis was a norm. My friends often complained that their parents dragged them to church, but I personally enjoyed it as I was pleased to make friends. So, I never in my life…

Living Life (11) Testimony – Joseph Yeo

Hi there, a quick little intro for those who may not know me. My name is Joseph and I’ve just completed the 13 week long Living Life course which is the first part of the Life Series offered to the adult members of The Seed. To give a brief backstory, I took this course back in a very vulnerable and tense setting. I was approaching my final exams for my final year in highschool, a month full of strenuous work…