224. Reopening Plan (2021.06.06)

Ontario’s “Stay-at-home order” that was issued in April has ended as of last Wednesday. (6/2) Ontario has released a new three-stage reopening plan, not based on a date but vaccination percentage. 1st phase will start once 60% of people are vaccinated. 2nd phase, 70% and 3rd phase, 70-80%. As it is based on vaccination percentage, it will be unlikely to regress and go into lockdown again. In this new reopening plan, in-person church service can open up to 15% capacity…

Growing Point (2) Testimony — Stanley Kim

Stanley Kim – Growing Point Testimony Hello everyone my name is Stanley, and I am here to share my testimony after completing Growing Point! Before I started Growing Point, I found myself struggling to maintain consistent personal time with God; whether that was reading the bible or praying, I was using school and university preparation as an excuse for me to escape. Gradually, daily devotions felt like a routine, something that I had to get done for the day, and…

Starting Point (4) Completion

Congratulations to Bori, Miru, and Esther for successfully completing the Starting Point! (Also Youth Leader Emily) May you continue to grow into a mature follower of Jesus!

Growing Point (2) Completion

Congratulations to Stanley Kim for completing Growing Point Bible Study! May you continue to deepen in your intimacy in your walk with Christ!

Class 101 (1) Completion

Congratulations to Joy Kim, Esther Sung, Esther Ahn, Daniel Kim, Jennifer Kang, and Sarah Cho for completing Class101. May God continue to bless your walk with Christ!

Growing Life (9) Testimony — Sophia Sung

Hello everyone, my name is Sophia, and I will be sharing my experience in taking Growing Life and how it brought change in my faith.  Growing Life was a life series that I always was willing to take; however, I always ended up moving it back using excuses like school and other personal reasons. Since the pandemic, I struggled with my relationship with God, I barely prayed once a day and did not feel comfortable attending my house church. I…

Growing Life (9) Completion

Congratulations to Sophia Sung on successfully completing the Growing Life!May you continue to grow into a mature follower of Jesus!

Living Life (12) Testimony — Daniel Kim

Hey everyone, it’s Daniel. Today, I want to talk about how Living Life impacted my life. To start, I want to go back to about a year ago. At that time, I was living in Waterloo as a student, so the biggest things on my mind were doing well in my classes, meeting new people, overall living my university life to the fullest. These things were mostly everything I could think about. So, my church life before Living Life started…

Starting Point (3) Testimony — Seoyeon Yoo

Hello everyone, I am Seoyeon Yoo and I will be sharing my experience with you all on my journey with Starting Point.  I was introduced to this study by my youth leader Esther Sung, but in all honesty, I took Starting Point impulsively not knowing what I would be getting myself into. However, now that I’ve experienced it, I could have not been more grateful for this opportunity. It was a study full of reflection and healing.  Before I took…

Starting Point (3) Testimony — Angela Kang

Hi everyone! My name is Angela and today I will be sharing my Starting Point bible study testimony. For 8 weeks, I took Starting Point, a bible study where we learn more about Jesus and where we can freely ask questions about faith in a conversational environment.  Looking back, before I started Starting Point, I was very unstable and under extreme stress, trying to balance grade 12 and university applications all during the pandemic. During this time, Sarah, my youth…