Want to Serve in a Team?

As you get more involved in the Church’s mission, you can make an impact beyond personal gain. In the process, you will discover God-given gifts and his purpose for your life.

When we transition from attendee to participant, church life becomes more fulfilling and satisfying as a result. Let’s find your team!

Fellowship Team

To keep our worship facility clean and To create engaging fellowship time for The Seed members and visitors by providing refreshments and arranging food rotation

Finance Team

To wisely manage the finances of the Seed in a God honouring way

Host Team

To guide newcomers into The Seed and help members to connect deeply and effectively with each other

Maturity Team

To guide The Seed members to mature in their understanding of God’s Word and to strengthen their relationship with Jesus and one another

Media Team

To inspire The Seed members to take next steps of faith through creative expression and inspiring media

Mission Team

To mobilize The Seed members for short-term mission trips and provide support for house church missionaries

Praise Team

To invite The Seed members into the presence of Jesus through uplifting music and to inspire a spirit of worship

Service Team

To create an exceptional service experience for the seed members through service planning and preparation of service area