Living Life Testimony – Sarah Cho

Living Life Testimony – Sarah Cho

Before I took Living Life Bible Study, I was a twelfth grade student who struggled spiritually. I wanted to spend more time with God, but just wanting this didn’t get me too far. I tried to make an effort by attempting to read the bible and pray, but with just my abilities, I was back to just wishing my relationship with God would grow. I would often choose sleep over prayer, or Korean dramas over devotionals. Because I was struggling spiritually, I was also struggling in every other aspect of my life. School was just an ongoing cycle of procrastination, negative attitudes, and judgmental behavior. Although I knew this was all wrong, and that God wouldn’t want me to be this way, I couldn’t help but to continue to stay stubborn and lazy. When I heard that Living Life Bible Study will be offered soon, I remembered all the positive comments about this series from the students who already took it. Not only have I heard good things about it, I also witnessed a change in them. Hoping that his bible study will help me, I decided to take it along with two other students, Paul and Jessica.

I expected it to be similar to Bible 101, but it was really different. Each class felt like a communication with God; everything Pastor Caleb taught pinpointed all of my questions, problems, and worries. It was so amazing how every lesson was so relatable. Instead of wondering why my abilities were not enough to get closer to God, I learned that I just needed to have faith that God can help me with my situation. I really believe that the Holy Spirit spoke through Pastor Caleb, because in each class I learned something I needed to hear. Through the classes I was able to learn about my wrongdoings, and slowly began to think about God before making any decisions. Instead of living everyday doing what I wanted, I learned to obey the little things God told me to do. So whenever I get a hunch when I walked past my bible on my desk, I would let my Korean dramas wait and sit down with God. Learning the importance of serving has greatly influenced my decision to become a Youth House Church Leader, and I couldn’t be more thankful towards God for giving me an opportunity to serve joyfully.

This change in my life did not happen overnight, nor did it happen right after the bible study ended. It was a slow, gradual change. God works in miraculous ways, and his ways are always right and good. We tend to expect big changes right away, however it’s the little things that create the big change. I began to notice the change in me when I started to think about God more often throughout the day and be quicker to lay my burdens at his feet. I would think twice before yelling at my little sister, and be less tempted to leave my studies until the last minute. I find myself being able to do everything I need to do for the day and still find plenty of time to pray and do devotionals. God really blessed me by helping me adjust my habits little by little, which created the big change. Each day I find ten more things to be thankful for than yesterday, and I can’t help but to give all the glory to God. So I definitely encourage all of you to take part of Pastor Caleb’s amazing life series. God has so much in store for each and every one of you, and the decision to receive his abundant love and blessings is in your hands. I would like to thank Pastor Caleb for this amazing bible study and faithfully helping our ministry grow. But I give all my thanks to God, for staying by my side through all my seasons and being the lifter of my head. Now I would go into more detail and tell you more good and specific things about this class, but I think that’s for you guys to learn when you decide to take Living Life Bible Study as well. Thank you!


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