Living Life (6) Testimony – Daniel Kwon

Living Life (6) Testimony – Daniel Kwon

These were some of the things that were running through my head in September when I signed up for Living Life. Oh no, just another dry, boring, utterly useless bible study I’ve signed up for, what have I done. On top of that I might be the only one taking this class so it’ll be one on one with Caleb and I definitely feel like that’ll be awkward. Am I really going to be able to handle this and balance my life with school, church, family and friends, also finding a job and even if I do, what then, how am I supposed to get every Thursday off for the next 15 weeks. But as I started Living Life, I realized that I was worrying too much about the small uncertain things in life and that I should be more concerned about the things that are supposed to be certain in my life, such things like my faith, role as a church member, and purpose. And really at the end everything worked out fine job, school, friends. At first, yes there were those moments where I thought to myself and forced myself to attend class because of the responsibility I’ve felt as my dad wanted to start a house church so we’ll be having Living Life studies as well. But as time went by it came to light that I wasn’t forcing myself but rather that I was simply starting to enjoy God’s call to learn about who he really is and to taste a little bit of what he has planned for me in my life.

As a pastor’s kid, I’ve been attending church before I even knew my name, baptized as an infant, raised to be a good Christian boy in a Christian family. And because my parents were very active in the mission fields I witnessed God’s existence through many supernatural events since childhood. But even through all these experiences and with countless hours of sermons and bible study drilled into my head since childhood there came a point in my life where I wasn’t certain about if God and Christianity was supposed to be part of my life forever. As I transitioned from teen to adult, I began to question my identity, who I am, who I’m meant to be and what I’m meant to do. I really didn’t have a certain answer for these things till I started attending Mokmin and with a few weeks into Living Life.

Through Living Life I came to realize who I really am, it didn’t matter who I aspired to be or what I wanted, I couldn’t deny the fact that I was a sinner and even though a sinner I was given the right to become a child of God through Christ. Also even though I felt I knew who God was surely, I was proven wrong and shown who God really is. I thought he was cold and distant because he’s so holy, but he’s actually someone very warm and close by. As I became certain of my identity I became more certain about what I was meant to do. To serve and love just as Christ did. Now this sounds cliche but this dawned on me on a new way, I reflected on all my past church experiences and encounters, thinking about if I really all inclusively served and loved everyone, or have I really just loved and served those exclusive to me. It was only to those I thought deemed worthy of my time and effort, I judged hardcore. I felt guilty especially towards my past church members and those who I’ve failed to share God’s love with and failed to serve to my very best. It really bothered me because Christ never looked at me and said unworthy even when I came back to Him at my lowest. And so I was also very thankful that I’ve gained another chance and for the past few months I’ve attended Mokmin that I was given the opportunity to serve and share God’s love with the people around me. Through my time here I feel God has given me a chance to learn and practice what I learned. House Church, retreat, and Living Life, all these experiences taught me and let me apply what I learned for everyone and not for just certain people allowing me to become a better person. So I want to thank everyone here for being such a great role model to me and showing me what a healthy loving church is where everyone is taking an active role using their own skills to serve and encouraging me to do the same. Also thank you for making me feel like a member of your church even though I’ve came only a short while. I was honestly surprised at how genuine and welcoming everyone was with their bright smiles every Sunday. I don’t think I’ve ever looked forward to every Sunday. As I help my dad with his church I will definitely make sure to share all the love and valuable lessons you guys have shared with me and make sure those who come feel as welcome as you guys have welcomed me. I would like to keep on encouraging all you to keep up the great work and if you haven’t taken Living Life to please give it a shot, I promise you you won’t regret it. And if you do the bible song might be the most corniest song you’ll ever learn in your life but it’s pretty useful and you’ll find yourself singing it to yourself in your head sooner or later, and to be honest it’s lit when that 3rd John drops as well as the beat changes, take the class and you’ll know what I mean. Thanks for listening 🙂


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