Why do we Give?

When you give to The Seed, you help create a church that unchurched people love to belong and grow into fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

Here are Three Ways You Can Give

01 | Give Using INTERACT e-Transfer

If you do online banking, you can easily give using INTERACT e-Transfer. Please note the following information when setting up to send INTERACT e-Transfer to The Seed:

Recipient’s Name: The Seed
Email address: [email protected]

If a question / answer is required, please use the following:
Who is our pastor? / Caleb

Prior to submitting the e-transfer, please enter the following information in the message box:

  • Your name as registered in Elvanto if different than your banking name
  • Your four-digit giving number [required]
  • Type of giving(1): Thanksgiving, Tithe, Missions or Regular Giving [required]

(1) If left blank, then Regular Giving is assumed

INTERACT e-Transfer will also allow you to setup recurring giving as well.

02 | Give Online (Using Tithely)

You can easily give online on your smartphone or at the designated giving kiosk. You will need a Credit Card (or Visa Debit Card). Click the button below to give now.

*Please make sure your name and email address in Tithely matches your Elvanto one!

You can also give a recurring gift by clicking here and checking the “Recurring Giving” option.

If you want more control over your giving, you can sign up (top right at the giving pop-up page) for Tithely, which allows you to manage your giving and makes your next giving easier on your smartphone.

*Please make sure your name and email address in Tithely matches your Elvanto one!

Check the “recurring giving” to authorize automatic withdrawals. You can control how often and cancel anytime through your tithely account.
03 | Give Through Offering Envelope

An offering is taken at each Sunday service where cash or cheques are accepted. All cheque donations are receipted. Cash and Cheque donations should be placed in an offering envelope if a receipt is required. (Please make your cheque payable to The Seed)

Offering Envelopes look like this and can be found at our giving kiosk.

Giving Number

You may be asked for your giving number when giving a gift. Your giving number is a four digit number that helps us keep track of your giving mainly for tax receipt purposes. All registered members of The Seed will receive a giving number.

Questions about Giving?

Don’t have a giving number? General questions about giving online?

If you have any questions regarding giving, please contact [email protected].

By the Way: Thank you!

Here at The Seed, we appreciate your giving! Your generous gift today helps the ministry of tomorrow!