Friends Tier List

Friends Tier List

Barbarian: Does his own thing. Doesn’t really matter what you’re doing, usually you need to match his pace. He usually makes all the plans and decisions. Rude to people who get in his way, even you.

Dom: He treats you like family. Even when things are hard for him, he will sacrifice to make time for you. When good things happen to you, he helps you celebrate; when bad things happen he comes right away and listens to your story. Bad driver, and sometimes you don’t like getting in his car.

Donkey: He keeps the conversation going. Comes to your house unannounced. When you share something that’s been hard for you, he tries to tell you how he had it worse. You sometimes wonder if he can keep a secret.

Kermit: He doesn’t make much eye contact when you talk to him. Sometimes you feel like he’s thinking about something else when you’re together. You have bonded over similar interests, but apart from that you don’t really know much about each other.

Mario: He has deep values and priorities. Sometimes he has to go home early to save his princess, but will always let you know. He’s busy, but when he has time, he gives you his undivided attention. You could probably trust him with your house keys. He’s a picky eater.

Pig: Doesn’t really know what he wants to do in life. Sometimes does things just for the fun of it. Can’t do things alone, so will always ask you to come with them for the things they want to do. Dependent on you. Doesn’t like when you say “no.” They say “I’m fine,” when they’re really not, and want you to keep asking “what’s wrong?”

Pingu: You don’t always tell him good news, because he usually gets jealous. You can tell that he enjoys when he does better than you — everything is a competition. He’s really fun to be around when he’s in a good mood. Super funny. Borrows money from you.

Red: Exaggerates and makes things up sometimes to look better than they really are. Really likes to gossip and sometimes the things they’ve told you sounds really sus. Changes best friends pretty frequently. Doesn’t use autocorrect.

Shrek: Hates people and will often be upset when you talk to other people because they feel you will leave them. A bit possessive and insecure. He’s a loyal friend, but he borrows your stuff and forgets returning things all the time. Makes fun of your height sometimes.

Totoro: Quiet, but will tell you how they feel honestly if there is a problem. Does all their homework and helps you with yours if you need it. You’re able to have deeper conversations about life and their perspective often helps you make decisions. Will not go with you to get nuggets at 2:00am. Will sleep instead.