COVID-19 Response Status Update

COVID-19 Response Status Update

What is happening?

Ontario government has lifted all COVID related restrictions, including masking mandate.

All meetings happen without restriction

What is our current response?


How are we meeting?

  1. Sunday service: In-person at Richland / Online service at 12:30pm at
  2. House Church: meeting in-person.

Three-Level “Recovery” Guide

LEVEL 3 (Crisis)

  • All onsite church meetings are suspended until further notice.
  • Sunday Service is streamed live.
  • House Churches meet online.

LEVEL 2 (Warning)

  • All onsite church meetings except Sunday Service, are suspended until further notice.
  • House Churches meet online.
  • Sunday Fellowship and Communion are cancelled.
  • Senior, Children and Youth are asked to stay home. (Including those who have a weak immune system)
  • Online service continue to be provided

LEVEL 1 (Watch)

  • All church meetings run as normal.
  • Use hand-sanitizer upon entering the church building.
  • Minimize physical contact for caution