Confirmation Testimony – Terry Kang

Confirmation Testimony – Terry Kang

Hello, my name is Terry Kang and I’m here to share with you on how I came to be on this spot today. I was born and raised in a Christian household, and for 10 years of my life I’ve identified as a Christian myself even though I don’t know what being a Christian entailed. As I grew older, I became more distant with God. I would get shunned in Church for asking questions that I was genuinely divided on. Additionally, due to church politics my family would often switch churches leaving emotions and carrying burdens with them every time. Around Gr. 10, I had stopped attending church and became an atheist. I thought that I would carry that status to my grave, but along my way I befriended Emily Choi.

Somewhere along our friendship, she invited me to attend house church. The first two of times, I’ve declined to attend, but I guess third times the charm because I’ve agreed to attend it and it was by far my best university decision yet! When I entered, I had this feeling of warmth and welcoming that I’ve yet to come across. I don’t know if it was Pastor Caleb’s “Hey, how are you?” with a firm handshake, or Anthony’s “How’d your week go?” with a feel of genuine curiosity, I really couldn’t put my finger on the exact cause. Everything was very foreign to me, even as a person growing up in the church. But, it captivated me and gave me the necessary push to pursue other avenues of God in school. I had started to attend more fellowship and bible study on campus to expand my knowledge on God and his followers. In essence, Pastor Caleb’s house church gave me the drive to search for God. After the term was over and Christmas had pass, I tag along with Emily for Sunday Service to test the waters on whether or not I would want to start attending church again.

The vibe I got when I entered was completely different than those of my previous churches. Everyone seemed to be lively and be attending on their own accordance. It was refreshing to say the least to see so many enthusiast university students wanting to learn about God. And when I saw Paul writing down notes for Pastor Caleb’s sermon, I knew that I had to be a part of this church. When I asked Pastor Caleb, he offered to do a Gospel Presentation Session to assist me and make the decision to receive Christ. And, on that day I’ve received Christ.

Something that I’ve taken away from GPS to my heart comes from Revelation 3:20 “Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person, and they with me”. Knowing that there is someone that you can always rely on, through the storm whatever weather cold or warm, helps me be at peace with myself.
After I’ve received Christ, I’ve became happier than I was before. Every time I come back from university, there is always something to look forward to. Whether it be Jen’s cooking, Pastor Caleb’s fatherly warmth, or the sense of camaraderie from other house church members. And I do not take this for granted.


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