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  • Baptism Testimony — Miru Kim

    Miru’s Testimony

    From the beginning of my time in a church, I initially thought of God like how many others did; nothing more than a myth and a fairy tale that a few people were crazed over for apparently no reason. Back in those days, I wasn’t able to understand the reason why the adults around me were so devoted to the man they called their Father, so I decided to avoid sermons and singing by hiding away from everyone else. Also, I once believed that going to church in the first place was a waste of time, since there was nothing for me to do other than listen to useless trivia while I could be back home relaxing with my video games and toys.

    But that was long ago. Because once I started to invest time in God, He gave more information, truths about himself, and told tales of his great disciples to me. One day, I thought to myself, “Hey, God seems nice. So why not give him one chance to prove himself worthy in my eyes?” And let me tell you: that was the best decision I ever made as a Christian. As the years went by, I began to open my heart to God more and more, but it wasn’t until a heartbreaking loss in Grade 7 that I finally turned to him for advice. Even in the silence of the moment, he pointed me in the direction that I needed to go and move on with myself, though it did take me two years to truly take his word. Somewhere down the line, I decided to accept Jesus Christ as my great lord and saviour, so I declared to him that he will always help and lead me down the right path. And it worked… marvellously. 

    Since then, I completely trust God with certain decisions, even if I do sometimes hold small doubts of his great and mighty plans for the next generation. And this baptism is no different. Sure, I am considerably nervous about actually being baptised (due to being a new experience for me), but it will be ultimately worth stepping out of my comfort zone, becoming a true child of God, and standing with all of you. As long as I ask the Father for advice and question him over what step I need to take next, then life (even with its many ups and downs) will be fine for me.


  • 2021 Baptism — Bori and Miru Kim
  • New Family Class (22) Completion

    Congratulations to Angela Kang and Stanley Kim on successfully completing the New Family Class (NFC) ! May God empower you to serve Jesus and his church with joy and passion

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