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  • 224. Reopening Plan (2021.06.06)

    Ontario’s “Stay-at-home order” that was issued in April has ended as of last Wednesday. (6/2) Ontario has released a new three-stage reopening plan, not based on a date but vaccination percentage.

    1st phase will start once 60% of people are vaccinated. 2nd phase, 70% and 3rd phase, 70-80%. As it is based on vaccination percentage, it will be unlikely to regress and go into lockdown again. In this new reopening plan, in-person church service can open up to 15% capacity starting from Phase 2. As the vaccination rate is increasing, in-person service could likely open around July or August. If you have wanted to attend an in-person service, you would have to wait a little longer.

    Many people want to go back to normal quickly. But even when we go back to normal, inconvenience we experience won’t go away. Once things fully go back to normal, we may be freer to move, but we will also face another type of inconvenience. Life is tough and not kind to those who seek convenience. When we forget that, we will be living in a daydream and find ourselves getting disappointed even after the pandemic.

    James tells us to consider it a great joy when the trials (difficulty) come. (James 1:2) Trials are an opportunity for us to trust God more sincerely and desperately than before. If trusting God was difficult during the pandemic, it won’t be any easier after the pandemic. Let’s not seek to trust God in the future but trust him now, in whatever situation we are. Then, though the problems may persist, we won’t live our lives in disappointment.

    But I am glad we can see the end of the tunnel nearing. Though the pandemic created a lot of problems, it also created many opportunities for some. There is a saying that “opportunity is given to those who are prepared.” I don’t think opportunity comes out of nowhere. It is always present, but those who are prepared will find it and seize it. What prepares us to discover opportunities is thankfulness.

  • Growing Point (2) Testimony — Stanley Kim

    Stanley Kim – Growing Point Testimony

    Hello everyone my name is Stanley, and I am here to share my testimony after completing Growing Point!

    Before I started Growing Point, I found myself struggling to maintain consistent personal time with God; whether that was reading the bible or praying, I was using school and university preparation as an excuse for me to escape. Gradually, daily devotions felt like a routine, something that I had to get done for the day, and although I was aware of this sensation, I felt powerless as I tried to escape this rut on my own. And that was when my leader Joy approached me, asking if I was willing to take Growing Point with her. I accepted this offer without hesitation, thinking that God wanted to convey a message or for me to learn something in this moment of my life through this bible study.

    Going into Growing Point, I had no idea what this bible study was about and what to expect. Soon, I realized it was an essential guide to help new brothers and sisters in Christ live their Christian life to the fullest and QT being the main emphasis. After the first lesson, I realized that one of my long-term prayer requests has been answered, and that was the exact guide on QTs. Before I felt lost as I did not know how to approach QTs and make them my own. Before the Bible study even began, I was reminded of God’s grace and his love for me, how God has continuously provided and guided me to grow as the person I am right now, which is still far from perfect, but he will continue to guide me to live a life indwelling in Christ in the present and the future moving forward. With that in mind, seven weeks of Growing Point sped by, and I was taught in-depth about the importance and the tips on QTs that I needed. But Growing Point has furthermore allowed me to reflect upon the essential aspect of living as a Christian. An aspect that stood out to me was sharing the good news. I was always aware that our goal as Christians is to share the good news so that more people can be saved and be witnesses to the truth. But I realized that although I was praying for certain people to come to know God, I wasn’t taking it seriously. I had the mindset of, “Oh, it would be nice if they knew God”, and nothing more to it. Soon after completing the final chapter of Growing Point which was about being a witness to the truth, I felt as if God had opened my eyes to those living their life based on society’s standard. I felt a sense of pity and sadness about how they are missing out on so much of what God has to offer and that we cannot share the same values or the direction that I see. I have finally realized the importance of spreading this love that God has filled me with to those whose cups are lacking with the Lord’s love.

    After completing Growing Point, I feel that I have received more from God compared to what I have done in this bible study. As I am walking away with a sense of direction God is leading me towards in my life, a guide for my QTs, a joyful heart towards my devotions, and a longing for others to come to know God when all I have done was devoting little of my time towards God every day. Truly God is amazing, and I hope that the rest of you give God a chance to work his miracle through you all and let his love enrich you so that we may be able to reach out to those who haven’t experienced God’s love yet. I just want to thank Joy for dedicating her personal time every week to prepare amazing lessons and answering all the questions that I had, and I also want to thank pastor Caleb for generously providing daily verses to meditate on. Thank you all for listening to my testimony!

  • Starting Point (4) Completion

    Congratulations to Bori, Miru, and Esther for successfully completing the Starting Point! (Also Youth Leader Emily)

    May you continue to grow into a mature follower of Jesus!

  • Growing Point (2) Completion

    Congratulations to Stanley Kim for completing Growing Point Bible Study! May you continue to deepen in your intimacy in your walk with Christ!