47. The God Twist

Lampang House Church has started as a house church for singles about 2 years ago. I had two prayer requests: Baptism of a VIP and multiplication. We had a few VIPs who were visiting our house church but none of them were interested in coming to Sunday worship or Life Bible Study. We were disappointed and sometimes even felt guilty.

But in 2017, during new year eve service, I picked the promise verse for the year, which said: “Though one goes along weeping, carrying the bag of seed, he will surely come back with shouts of joy, carrying his sheaves.” Since then, God has faithfully kept his promise. Three VIPs received Christ in the first 3 months and one of them got baptized. We also had close to 20 people in our house church and were in need of multiplication, on May Grace committed to becoming a Shepherd. Since she has to open up her home every week, she nervously shared her decision with her mom but she replied, “my prayer is answered!”. I’ve first met Grace when she was grade 8 in our youth ministry. It was my great pleasure to see Grace grow and choosing to follow the path of Christ as a mature individual.

Normally we do the ceremony for adults in The Seed service. But since it is very first multiplication from the Seed, I thought it would be encouraging for the new shepherd if we get blessings from Korean-speaking congregation as well. Please pray that the new shepherd will grow to be a faithful follower of Jesus, being able to be thankful for the fruit while the ministry goes well, but also for becoming like Christ during trying seasons.


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