43. Wi-fi Deadspot

My house gets a pretty good internet signal from our internet service proder. But we’ve had one constant problem: “Dead spots.” Connection is good in my office (since that’s where the router is) but as I move further away from the router, we get pretty low signal in living room and basement. Also, even within good signal range, there are “deadspots” where you get drastically lower signals. I tried an wifi extender and it did extend the signal range but it ended up reducing the speed by half. My wife and my parents complained whenver internet dropped but I told them that there was nothing I could do. The router we had was a good one – well, at least I thought so. One day, when the internet got really slow in the living room again, I thought I had it enough. So I googled how to fix this issue but without much anticipation. I thought, “This is common issue for all households and you just have to live with it”. Then I found a solution: ”Mesh” wifi system.

“Mesh” wifi system is basically two or more routers placed in distance to provide internet signals throughout the space. The cool part is, unlike a traditional router, in this system two routers constantly talk to one another in separate bandwidth without congestion, so you get full internet speed wherever you are. At first I was skeptical but I decided to give it a try. After simple 5 minutes installation, my entire house was “covered” with full wifi speed. Just to confirm if the claim was true, I checked every deadspots I knew that existed in my house and realized that I was getting FULL speed wherever I was. I simply couldn’t believe it: deadspots are gone for good!

It made me reflect about how our connection with God is very similar to how internet connection works. Just as wifi is essential in everything we do, so is our connection with God. The problem is that many Christians live with deadspots. We feel more connected to God when we come to church on Sunday but there are many “deadspots” in our weekdays. Despite seeming gap, many of us just view it as common issues for all Christians so we just live with it. But life without connection with God can never be satisfying. Just as we instinctively seek for constant connection with people (just count how many times you check your social media), we are created to feel fulfilled and satisfied when we are connected with God.

The only way to reduce our deadspots in our life is to change the system we connect with God. If your connection with God happens through just one Sunday sermon, then considering changing your system. During weekdays, surround yourself with Christian music, Bible and Prayer to connect with God, in your driving, working out, studying, and etc. It might sound like a Christian cliche but there is no other way. Living in disconnection with God is as frustrating in our spirit as it is to deal with wifi deadspots. I can assure you that living without wifi deadspots is really great. So can your spiritual life be. Living your life in constant intimacy with God is possible when you simply upgrade your connection system.


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