302. Christmas Gift

We have two joint services. One is outdoor service and the other is Christmas service. Two years ago, KSC has suggested using Christmas joint offering to support our local community. We gladly agreed and started our search for the charity.

Last year, our “Outreach Search Committee” has decided on an organization called, “M.I.N.D” (Moving In New Direction). It primarily serves low-income families, providing food and care they need in Toronto. ESC collected both KSC and ESC Christmas offering last year and sent out to the organization of choice this year. We have been supporting missionaries through house churches, and I am glad now we can support those in need in our communities as well, though it is a small step.

There is a lot of festivity around the time of Christmas. We often get busy with family gatherings and shopping gifts. As good as they are, we need to remind ourselves that Christmas is Jesus’ birthday. Everything revolves around the need of the birthday person on birthdays. Jesus would be pleased if we pay attention to people in need around us.

There are many small ways to remember Jesus during this season. You can give a small gift to a neighbour in need, visit someone who is sick, or support M.I.N.D through Christmas offering. It is not just about being charitable, but to be reminded how much we have received through the gift of God’s own son. We give and receive many “gifts” but none can compare to “the Gift” in this Christmas season. I hope the small Christmas offering we collect will make big difference in many lives in the name of Jesus, the greatest Gift.