21. 333 Prayer Agents

We will start recruiting “333 Prayer agents” again for this year. “333 prayer agents” will pray for church and Pastor Caleb daily, “3 times for 33 secs during each meal”. We had 10 people signed up last year and thanks to their prayer, many VIPs visited house churches and attended Sunday service last year!

The reason why we start this intercessory prayer is because we desperately need it. Our church’s mission is leading people to become followers of Jesus. This is impossible to do with our own strength and effort because it is a spiritual “war”, bringing people in the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of light. That’s why we need prayer. Through prayer we participate in God’s work of saving people.

I know I can’t stay effective and healthy in my ministry without God’s help. That’s why I need personal prayer support from my church members. I believe Pastor works with joy and gratitude when he is supported by his church family through their prayer and love. So in a sense, effective ministry is more determined by the prayer of the members than the ability of a pastor.

“333 prayer agents” will be recruited every year. This is to reduce the burden of those who sign up so they don’t feel pressured to do this forever. If you want to volunteer, you can sign up using communication card by writing “333” in your decision. Here is the prayer topic for 2017: “Pray for many VIPs in each house church and pastor Caleb to preach and lead with fresh zeal.” Evangelism can never be done by few people’s effort. As we pray together, we will see a great harvest of lost souls coming to know Christ and find purpose for their lives.


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