Posts from March 2020

We’re Live! (First Online Service)

Thank you for tuning in for our first online service at The Seed. Seeing our members tune in and chat online together warmed our hearts. Let’s continue to stay a community despite these uncertain times. Here is some behind the scenes. Please join us next Sunday at at 12:30 for Sunday Service!

175. Importance of Private Discipline

North Point Ministries have conducted focused research on how people grow in faith. As expected, they found that everyone grew in faith in so many different ways. But they found repeating categories of responses, so they have summarized and called them, “5P”: Private Discipline, Practical Teaching, Personal Ministry, Providential Relationship, and Pivotal Circumstances. Out of these five, there is only one we can fully control and do it consistently anywhere, anytime: Private Discipline. Many Christians complain that they are not…

The Seed Sunday Service Relocation

As Richland (our current service venue) is not available for the next three weeks, (3/15, 22, 29) We are having a joint service with KSC for the next 3 weeks, until further notice. Service time is identical and translation (through a device) is provided. Youth are asked to stay home. Mokmin church’s address is 11251 Bayview Ave. Richmond Hill, ON L4S 1L8.

174. COVID-19 Response Guide

New Corona Virus (Corona 19) seems to be spreading all over the world. However, we need to understand that its mortality rate is much lower than SARS and other viruses that cause the common cold, though it seems to be much more contagious. So, there is no need for excessive fear. However, we, as a church, feel the need to do due diligence to prevent any potential spread. Thus, upon considering the official recommendation from the presbytery and Ontario church…

2020 Ski Trip

Thanks to everyone who came out to our 2020 Ski Trip! We had an awesome time of skiing and snowboarding, playing board games and pigging out in the chalet. And what a blessing it was to have four VIP guests along with us for the night 🙂 Hope to see you all again next year!

173. Sunday Is Game-Time

Many Christians come to church on Sunday, expecting to hear a “deep” message. But I try to give a “clear” message. It is because I see Sunday as “Game Time.” In professional sports, Game Time is when so many things are on the line. Professional athletes play for the playoff, awards, TV-rating, and, most importantly, for better contracts. For viewers, it might be just another game, but for players, their future is on the line. Because there are so many…