2020-1025 Bulletin

2020-1025 Bulletin



  • Series: Acts
  • Sermon: Devoted (Acts 2:40-47)
  • Speaker: Pastor Caleb


  • Reopening: Onsite service is now opened to all members (including youth) on registration basis only. To attend in person, fill out the registration form here.
  • Entrance & Exit Procedure: For safety, make sure to go through the screening before entering the service area. Also, please exit the building immediately after the service, from the last row. (Except serving members)
  • Available Areas Onsite: Atrium and Staff washroom Only (Water fountain and 2nd floor not accessible)
  • Additional Giving Option: You can now give using E-transfer. For more information, visit here.
  • Online GPS (Gospel Presentation Session): This Sunday at 3pm.
  • Online NFC (New Family Class): Next Sunday (11/1) at 3pm.


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