Posts from July 2019

Posts from July 2019

New family class (17)

Congratulations to Kevin Ku on successfully completing the New Family Class (NFC) ! May God empower you to serve Jesus and his church with joy and passion!

Growing Point Testimony – Angela Kang

Hello everyone, My name is Angela Kang and today I will be sharing how God has worked in me through the bible study session, Growing Point. For 7 weeks, Sarah, my youth shepherd, helped me to complete Growing Point, a bible study session that is based on a Student Survival Kit. During the 7 weeks, QT and scripture reading was part of my daily routine. Although it was challenging to wake up early in the morning every day to do…

146. Membership Policy

As many of you already know, we strongly discourage already-Christians from joining our church. We even put a statement in the bulletin, encouraging already Christians to serve other churches. However, turning away people who want to become a member is a loss for the church. We can only do that when we believe there is something more important than a bigger budget or attendance. The reason why we have this policy is two-fold. First, we want to focus on reaching…

Mission testimony – Esther Sung

Hi, my name is Esther and I’m here to share what God has shown me through Nicaragua mission trip. One of my personal prayer requests for this trip was to experience God’s character that I didn’t fully know. I knew that he is faithful and able, but I don’t think I really experienced it fully. But through this trip I experienced God’s mightiness and his faithfulness. My biggest worry before leaving to Nicaragua was that our team wasn’t prepared. So,…

145. Life Stage, Not Age

We now have a diverse age group in The Seed, especially among single people. Majority of our congregation is single adults. Many of them are in university, but growing numbers are becoming working adults. Generational diversity is an excellent sign for church’s vitality, but it can also cause some issues. I believe the main problem can be the level of “connection” cross-generationally. We are always looking to connect with people, especially those in the similar age group. The reason is…
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