Posts from February 2019

New Family Class (16)

Congratulations to Jonathan Park on successfully completing the New Family Class (NFC) ! May God empower you to serve Jesus and his church with joy and passion!

125. Too Expensive?

We make a lot of judgments but many people are not aware that they are doing it. One of the areas that we can easily judge prematurely is the area of “spending”. We are pretty generous to ourselves. It is because we know “why” we buy certain things (whether that “why” is valid or not) and that “why” serves as a standard by which we judge the appropriateness of our purchase. So when we buy something that is considered pricey,…

124. Hospitality Is Not A Result Of Size

Some people think that big churches are cold and small churches are warm. So either they purposely choose a small church to attend, or they want their church to remain small. Maybe that is coming from personal experience or preference but it is not only wrong but an unhealthy assumption. In fact, small churches can be the least hospitable place if people only talk to a small group of people they already know. It can be “warm” only to longtime…

Confirmation Testimony – Angela Kang

Hey guys! Most of you guys probably know me since I was in JK, from Sunday School. Back then, I would have never imagined myself standing here talking in front of you guys. However, here I am today, telling you guys about how I met God and the blessings He has given to me. Before I met God, I was still aware of Him from time to time as I grew up in a Christian family. However, my life was…
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