185. Onsite Service Will Be Opened to Youth

185. Onsite Service Will Be Opened to Youth

It has already been two months since we started resuming onsite service. Thanks to team leaders and serving members, we have been able to run our service safely and efficiently. As our church was still in LEVEL 2, we only permitted adult members to attend onsite service. But that will now change soon.

As we’ve already stated in the reopening guide, now that students can attend school in person, we will be allowing youth to participate in onsite service starting from 9/13. For better distancing, we are limiting the number to 30 instead of 40. It will continually be a registration-only basis. For safety, all youth will exit the building right after the service. We will also ask parents (not in attendance) not to enter the building but wait in the parking lot.

To make it clear, we are “permitting” youth to come. Just as parents had a choice to send their kids to school or not, now the same option is available with church service. So, please do not feel obligated to attend if you are not feeling comfortable, as online service will be continually provided. If you are a youth wanting to come, please consult with your parents before making the decision and comply.

Things are slowly getting back to normal, but we recognize the importance of safety. I know that it can be challenging to deal with the tension of safety and necessity. But walking in wisdom means walking in the delicate balance of “courage” and “caution.” We will never have full certainty when it comes to the future and what “could” happen. Wrestle with the tension and carefully make the decision. But once making the decision, trust God and live with the decision. That’s how we live in peace even through seasons of uncertainty.


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