Next Step

Next Step

Why Next Step?

Our mission is to lead people to become followers of Jesus. 
Becoming a follower of Jesus is not just a one time decision. It involves making a series of intentional steps.
No one can ever say “I have arrived” when it comes to following Jesus.
That is why following Jesus is all about making the “next step”.

Here are the next steps you can take at your own pace to follow Jesus.

01 Join House Church

You don’t have to be a Christian to join a house church. We believe house church is where you can see the love of Jesus in action where you will be warmed up to the possibilty of following Jesus. House Churches meet every week (usually Friday) and your journey of following Jesus begins from here.

02 Follow Jesus

God loves you even before you love him back. Becoming a Christian never was about living morally or becoming a better person. It means entering into a personal relationship with Jesus, who died and rose again to forgive our sins and restore the relationship with our heavenly Father. Anyone who believes Jesus did this for them becomes a Christian. But following Jesus can begin simply by taking a series of small next steps.

03 Take Life Series

To grow as a follower of Jesus, learning about Jesus and living out what he said is crucial. Through Life Series, you will learn how to apply Bible’s timeless principles in your daily life.

04 Join the Mission

Attending is different from participating. Very different. After getting to know the mission of our church, start serving in the church.
As you discover your unique gifts and begin to use them, you will not only advance the mission of church but also you find church life much more fulfilling.

05 Give Generously

When you give, you support God’s mission of reaching out to the unchurched people and bringing them back to the loving arms of God.